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About Us

Our Services:

  • URGENT Event Website Build on WordPress…
  • All Event Website built on WordPress, incredibly URGENTLY
  • Customise WordPress Theme

The Website would consist of the following…
*Home Page
*About Us Page
*Contact Us Page
*Testimonials Page for both Video and Written Testimonials
*Team Profiles Page
*Program Contents Page, with list of Dates and who the program has been designed for, Pricing Tables etc. (Potentially this information could be split up over 3 – 4 small pages.
*Register your Interest or Sign-up Page, which I’m thinking would just be a “Contact Form” of some description
*The site would include both Stock Images that we already have, along with some Proprietary Images

*Favicon uploaded. We would also  optimize and resize Images.

Hopefully that will give you a pretty reasonable idea on what we are after?

I hope to hear from quite quickly and hope we can work together.

Thank you!

add another page.


This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.